By Sue Chrysostomou, Careers Adviser

Following the results of the 2017 postgraduate placements, the Medical School is once again very proud of its graduating cohort for securing placements in prestigious postgraduate medical training programmes around the world.

In the UK, in addition to many posts being allocated to Wales, East Anglia and the North of England, 15 posts were allocated to the very competitive Deaneries in London, and 8 in Oxford.  In Canada, where posts are few and far between for IMGs and are primarily offered in family medicine, the first Urology programme was offered to one of our graduates by the University of Toronto.  In the USA, our graduates are now licensed in 11 States with this year’s additions including New York, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Missouri, and they are breaking new ground with two Paediatrics programmes.  Lebanon awarded three residency positions in the highly competitive University medical programmes at American University of Beirut, the Lebanese American University and the University of Balamand; Israel and Ireland each granted two internships.  A handful of our graduates pursued and were awarded research positions in the US.  In September, the first Postgraduate Clinical Training programme with a cohort of 12 trainees was launched at Limassol General Hospital following approval from the UK’s General Medical Council.

In addition, several of our graduates from 2015 and 2016 were also supported by the Careers Office in their additional postgraduate medical training applications.  Many of the 2015 graduating cohort allocated to the UK have now completed their Foundation Training (F1 & F2) and have begun their core specialty training.

For further information, please contact Sue Chrysostomou, Careers Adviser, [email protected]