The latest activity of our Faculty members includes: publications, conference presentations and training:

Professor Photos Hajigeorgiou is the author of the paper entitled ‘The extended Hulburt–Hirschfelder-long-range oscillator model for direct-potential-fit analysis’ published by The International Journal of Quantum Chemistry (28 September 2017).

Clinical Professor Panayiotis Hadjicostas is the author of a book chapter entitled ‘Comparative and Morphological Analysis of Commonly Used Autografts for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction with the Native Anterior Cruciate Ligament: An Electron Microscopic and Morphologic Study’ in the book The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (16 August 2017)

Associate Professor Costas S Constantinou is the first author and Professor Alexia Papageorgiou , Associate Professor George Samoutis and Professor Peter McCrorie are co-authors of the article ‘Acquire, apply, and activate knowledge: A pyramid model for teaching and integrating cultural competence in medical curricula’ published in Patient Education and Counseling by Elsevier (30 December 2017).

Assistant Professor Theano Kalavana, was an invited speaker at the 7th Annual Conference of School Health Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Health in November 2017. Her presentation was entitled ‘Skills to reinforce Children’s and Adolescents’ Self-esteem.’

Lecturer and PBL Academic Lead Dr Stella Loizou participated during September 2017 in the Erasmus+ Programme for Teaching/Training Mobility.  She visited St George’s University of London for two days and had the opportunity to (a) shadow CS and T Year PBL sessions, (b) attend meetings related to the Course, (c) meet with her counterparts, and (d) receive extensive training related to PBL.  Dr Loizou gained deep understanding of how PBL runs at SGUL, exchanged ideas and returned with valuable knowledge, which will be applied to the MBBS Course in Cyprus.