By the Student Affairs team

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Charity Run

On Sunday 25 March a charity run took place at Prodromou Park in Strovolos to raise money for Thalassaemia International Federation. The 5K run was organised by Student Affairs  and MBBS student Ioannis Balanos, who together with MBBS student Waalande Lintiso won the race. Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to a good cause!

Latin Class

This semester we also organised a free Latin dance session with Dr Stella Loizou. The class took place on Thursday 19 April at Euphoria Gym where students partnered up to dance to Latin rhythms!


During the month of May, a drop-off point was set up at the Student Service Centre for students and staff to donate any unwanted items such as clothing, food, bed linen, kitchenware and toys. The items were collected by ‘Anakyklos’ for families in need. We are still accepting items for anyone who wishes to contribute.

Suggestion Box

The Suggestion box finally went digital and now students from all clinical sites can submit their suggestions via the online platform:

White Coat Ceremony

On Thursday 10 May the White Coat ceremony took place for both the T year MBBS students and the 4th year MD students. The event was a success with over 300 students, staff, faculty and family members of students attending.


Graduation Memorabilia

We hope all our graduates enjoyed the Graduation ceremony (and the photo booth!) as much as we did! Graduates received their Medical School memorabilia as a gift, so if you haven’t collected yours you can do so at the Student Service Centre.

Alumni Union

As a way to enhance benefits offered to our alumni, we have also partnered up with Alumni Union, a free, members-only buying club giving university alumni and students, their families and friends access to a range of carefully-curated offers!

They work in partnership with universities’ Alumni departments to offer great discounts on a variety of services including insurance, financial services, legal services, and travel and leisure benefits. Everyone can join here: