Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Introduced by the Human Resource Department, the Team Building workshop was the latest in a series of professional development programmes for Medical School staff.

The workshop was offered to all Medical School staff with the aim of increasing motivation and collaboration, improving productivity, developing problem-solving skills, encouraging creativity and improving communication.  Judging from feedback received, the workshop was a success.

The trainer, our own Alexia Papageorgiou, Chair of the Centre of Medical Education, is an accredited life coach and in addition to her expertise in advanced communication skills she has expertise in motivating people to work successfully in teams and to maintain behavioural change.  During the six-hour workshop Alexia maintained the attention span of the trainees by involving them in physical activities and games encompassing trust, creativity, problem-solving and communication.

The admissions team in action

Blindfolded Alexia in action during one of the physical activities involving trust with the Communications and Student Affairs staff

The Clinical Education & HR teams during a break