Moving is hard, and it’s even harder if you’re in a new country, and at a new school. But one thing that can make it so much easier is living in student housing.

Where you live affects your life in and out of the classroom, and choosing the right housing makes this life transition just a little bit easier.

But making the right decision is all about priorities….

What if you want to live alone, but have friends nearby? What if you like to have a roommate, or study in a group? You don’t want to have to drive everywhere, or leave every time you want to grab a snack or work out. So how can you be sure all your needs will be met so you can focus on your studies?

The University of Nicosia seems to answer those questions; it’s not just that the rooms are cozy and modern, but you can have a roommate or live alone, you can study in the group study rooms, or hang out and unwind in a games room or lounge. At Six, you’re literally a 2-minute walk from the central UNIC campus, and you can hang out at the rooftop pool knowing only other UNIC community members will be there. Plus, it’s perched at the very top of the 12-story housing complex, which means it has an awesome view, and there’s an all-glass restaurant and lounge.

Visiting friends is easy too, all the housing complexes are close to each other and close to campus, and with parking available and 24 hour security, you can always feel good about where you are. There are four restaurants and cafes, so if the rooftop lounge is too loud at Six, you can pop over to the U residence to eat and study but still be in a modern comfortable setting with Wi-Fi and a chill out area.

The students you’ll meet are from everywhere. You’ll hear all different languages in the hallways, and get to learn so much more than just coursework. There are so many students from so many places coming to live and study here and there is another housing complex, Triangle, slated to open in Fall of 2019 with an awesome infinity pool. Plus, all the housing areas at UNIC have bicycle racks, internet, and easy access to cafes, restaurants, and of course, campus, so pretty much most of what Nicosia have to offer is at your fingertips.