The latest activities of our Faculty members include conference participations, research projects, publications, and appointments to editorial boards:

Professor Alexia Papageorgiou, Professor Peter McCrorie and Dr Costas Constantinou organised and led a two-hour workshop on ‘Assessing Cultural Competence in OSCEs’ at the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) Conference in Basel, Switzerland, August 25-29.  The aim was to make participants aware of the importance of cultural competence in medical practice and its integration in medical curricula.  The session was interactive and employed brainstorming, discussion and hands-on training through a simulated OSCE station. One participant from the audience volunteered to role-play the doctor, Prof Papageorgiou role-played the patient and the remainder of the 25 participants from all over the world played the examiners. The scenario involved a migrant patient who goes to the consultation with a perspective very different from that of the doctor.

Professor Aleksandar Jovanovic is the author of a review paper titled ‘Cardioprotective signalling:  Past, present and future’ published in the European Journal of Pharmacology, 833: 314-319 and is part of a special EJP issue ‘50 years of European Journal of Pharmacology: learning from the past and looking into the future’.

Associate Professor Costas Constantinou is a member of a multidisciplinary European research project entitled ‘Clinically-validated INtegrated Support for Assistive Care and Lifestyle Improvement: the Human Link (vINCI)’. Ten organisations from six European countries participate. Dr Constantinou is the ethics manager and leads WP4 ‘Assistive Care & Wellbeing Validation’ which focuses on assessing technology’s impact on older people’s quality of life.

Associate Professor Dimitrios Kanakis has recently been appointed to the editorial board of the International Journal of Psychiatry Research and the EC Medical and Clinical Pathology.
Dr Kanakis is also co-author of the chapter ‘Summary of the useful data of CNS-Neoplasms’ in the book Guidelines for the Histological Diagnosis of Malignant Neoplasms, 3rd edition, published by the Hellenic Society of Pathology, Athens 2018.
Furthermore he was the Round Table Chairman for “New Data for the Main Categories of CNS Neoplasms” at the 16th Panhellenic Congress of the Hellenic Society of Pathology, 13-16 June 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece,

Assistant Professor Nicoletta Nicolaou is co-author of ‘Non-invasive real-time autonomic function characterization during surgery via continuous Poincaré quantification of heart rate variability’ published in the Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing, 2018, pp1-9.

Head Librarian Carrie Rodomar is one of the authors of ‘The Mediterranean diet, fish oil supplements and Rheumatoid arthritis outcomes: evidence from clinical trials’ published in Autoimmunity Reviews (Elsevier, 10 September 2018)