by George Sycallides, Director, Communications Office

Last May the European Society of Aerospace Medicine (ESAM) announced they would sponsor 25 medical students across Europe for their International Conference to be held in Prague between 20 and 23 September 2018.  Three of our medical students were selected among the 25: Parampreet Heer, Daniella Toumazi and Lee Madi.

Daniella and Parampreet at the Conference

MedNews asked the three students to share their experiences.  MBBS student Lee Madi said: ‘The conference is organised by the European Society of Aerospace Medicine every two years in a different European city. This year the conference was held in the captivating city of Prague
During the conference, many medical researchers from different fields presented their work on Space and Aviation Medicine, both military and civilian.

Overall, the conference was interesting and educational; the lectures provided me with new and exciting knowledge, and it was a privilege to be part of the conference. It was an opportunity for me to be introduced to this sub-field of medicine and I would recommend other students to consider taking part in future conferences.”

MD student Daniella Toumazi, added: It was a great opportunity for me to witness how broad the spectrum of medicine is. Lectures ranged from advancements in aerospace medicine to investigating the effects microgravity has on glioblastoma cells. In addition, I had the chance to meet and discuss with medical experts in the field of aerospace medicine, something I would otherwise never had the opportunity to do. All in all, it was a great experience which gave me an insight into a very specific field of medicine that previously I admittedly knew very little about’.

 MBBS student Parampreet Heer concluded: ‘It was truly an honour to be selected to attend the ESAM conference 2018. The event provided me with the opportunity to learn the importance of the role played by medicine and psychology in the field of aviation, something one would not really expect. It also offered me the opportunity to visit the beautiful and historic city of Prague. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to all’.