Thursday, 7 February 2019

by Dr Chloe Antoniou

On Saturday 2 February members of the Mobile Clinic Club visited the scenic village of Sotira in the Famagusta district. The mayor of Sotira welcomed the volunteers at the Municipality Building, which was used  to perform blood pressure, blood glucose and spirometry measurements. Approximately 40 people were examined, all of whom received advice from accompanying physician and Medical School alumnus Dr Soteris Demosthenous prior to their departure.

Around noon, and on the way to lunch courtesy of the Sotira Municipality, the team was given a short tour around the community’s places of interest.

Student volunteers:  Ajay Masharani, Aniqa Jobeda Rahman, Brandon Kenneth Lawrence, Edward John Emslie, Hafsa Omer Sulaiman, Ian Valentine Mc Dermott, James Kenrick Gardiner, Lama ZenEddin, Lee Rima Madi, Manisha Kalpani Weerakkody Weerakkody Arachchilage, Olivia Sophia Sondhi, Rokzanna Manpreet Kaur Malhi Basi, Sam Munro Janion

Staff volunteers: Dr Audrey Billeaud (visiting faculty on exchange programme with the University of South Carolina), Dr Chloe Antoniou, Mr Andreas Demetroudiou, Mr Argyris Evangelou