by Ioannis Apergis, President of  Medical School Student Society (MSSS)

December 2020

“Difficulties mastered are opportunities won,” said Winston Churchill. Everyone is concerned about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the daily life of people worldwide. The effects of this pandemic have changed how organizations, foundations, societies and generally speaking how the world is functioning. I agree that our society has acknowledged the need to operate differently and the need to centralize our emphasis in different sectors.

Students globally and locally have made many adjustments to student life during the pandemic. Due to the announcements of the Ministry of Health of Cyprus many of our actions such as social events cannot take place until there is a melioration of the pandemic to ensure that arranging a social event will not endanger the health of our students and colleagues.

On the other hand, it’s exciting that all officers of our society are working to discover new ways to innovate and collaborate during the daily routine. Moreover, I’m very eager for having the chance by writing this article to give you a little glimpse of what is coming from the MSSS!

  • Our committee has decided to support those in need, so more charity events will be organized by the family of MSSS during this academic year.
  • Online events for entertainment purposes and webinars to answer general questions about medicine are also “under construction,” and they will be ready with the start of 2021.
  • We are working closely with the School to implement ideas that could alleviate some of your stress, help organize your weekly schedule, and support your studying during these difficult times.

Social distancing may have urged all of us to be more careful while we come in contact with others, but it’s crucial for us to help all students create bonds with each other, while we respect the public health rules and recommendations.

The passing of 2020 marks a new decade for the world but also for our School and society. As technology evolves, from decade-to-decade, we find innovation and evolution, so a few surprises accompanied with the enhancement of our social media platforms are on the way to fulfil the ultimate goal: make your life a bit easier and a bit more efficient.