On Thursday 4th March and Wednesday 7th April our University of Nicosia Medical Students will be participating in a session named «Breast Examination & Explanation”.  For the delivery of this course we are in need of female volunteers (ages between 25-40 years old), that will be willing to have their breasts examined.

Sessions are going to take place after relevant communication and availability confirmation in the afternoon between 15:15 – 19:30 (with 30minutes break in between).

Before the session begins, the Clinicians who will be supervising the students will examine the volunteers’ breast to ensure that there are no abnormalities.

A first part of this examination is that students will be required to examine the breast.  During the second part volunteer Simulated Patients will be required to wear a model with lumps and the students will be examining the volunteers with the model.  Volunteer ladies will be required to learn 3 very short Scenarios for role play purposes.  The Clinician may ask the volunteers to provide some feedback to the student about how they felt during the examination.  It is important that volunteers that will be attending these session have NOT completed any breast augmentation (i.e no cosmetic breast surgery).

All participants will be required to provide evidence of a negative test (rapid or PCR) taken within 5 days  prior to attending this Teaching Session.  This decision was taken by the University of Nicosia Medical School, following careful consideration of the current epidemiological situation, in the interest of the safety of students, staff and collaborators.  We want to reassure you that we will take all necessary steps to make the ladies attending this session feel comfortable. Your privacy and dignity will be respected during this intimate examination.  The interested female volunteers will be reimbursed with a 60€ voucher from AlfaMega Supermarkets for each day of participation.  Medical School HR Department will provide attendees with a movement permit letter to facilitate commuting to the Medical School.

Interested ladies are kindly required to contact us the latest by Thursday 25th February at the following contact details: [email protected] , 22 471 993