October 2021

Professor of Surgery Christos Georgalas is the co-author of a new book titled ‘Frontal Sinus: Surgical Approaches and Controversies.

The book is a complete guide to frontal sinus surgery and it covers surgical anatomy and radiology, frontal-specific pathology, surgical techniques, technical advancements, and controversies.

In his remarks about the book, renowned Surgeon Professor Paolo Castelnuovo noted ‘This book will be a valuable resource for novice surgeons approaching one of the most challenging anatomical subsites, since it provides a stepwise approach to understanding the anatomical background, the radiological aspects, and the broad spectrum of different surgical approaches to the frontal sinuses. The authors are to be congratulated for this masterpiece, which will become the gold standard for experts and beginners.’

The book brings together some of the leading surgeons from across the globe to provide varied and complementary perspectives. The content is organized in five sections: surgical anatomy, specific conditions of the frontal sinus, open surgical approaches, endoscopic surgical approaches, and controversies.

Professor Georgalas commented ‘The book can be used as a great resource for otolaryngology–head and neck surgery residents, fellows, and specialists but can also benefit neurosurgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, plastic surgeons, and other clinicians who are involved with the challenging and complex area of Frontal Sinuses.