Research Projects & Scholarships

Projects Offered as Scholarships Including Waving of Tuition Fees and Monthly Stipend:

PhD Project in Neuroscience

Characterization of circadian rhythm modulations in intracranial EEG and their relationship to seizure onsets in focal epilepsy

Main Supervisor: Dr Avgis Hadjipapas

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Projects Offered as Scholarships (Waving of Tuition Fees):

PhD project in Neuroscience and Engineering

Development of a closed-loop controller for automatic administration of anaesthetic and analgesic agents during surgery using machine learning methods

Main Supervisor: Dr Nicoletta Nicolaou

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PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health

Efficacy of dietary supplement use in cancer survivorship care: Meta-analysis for guiding evidence-based patient care

Main Supervisor: Dr Elena Critselis

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