Thursday, 28 April 2022

On 17 April 2022 the Medical School Mobile Clinic travelled to the village of Lythrodontas in the district of Nicosia.  Seventeen medical student volunteers under the guidance of Doctors Andrea Charalambous and Carolina Kitromelides, performed blood pressure measurements and glucose tests to more than 100 people.

“For many of us, this was a first, which made a very special experience even more special and much more memorable. Not only did we get the chance to practise our clinical skills, but we also got to appreciate the importance of medicine in the community. Today, our team of medical students and doctors was able to examine and advise over 100 patients, including 99 year old Pavlos Kasapis, who holds the title for the oldest in the village, and whose radiant smile holds so many stories and so much history behind it.” Ahmed Eldesouky, MD, Class of 2026

“Before saying goodbye to Lythrodontas, we were honored to visit a very notable and beautiful church that has been part of the village since 1883. We also visited the olive museum for a tour through time and into the history of the village’s agricultural domain. A truly eye-opening day to all of us as we built on our clinical skills and learnt about the people of Lythrodontas village and their ancient historical attractions.” Waleed Salim, MD, Class of 2027

A group picture with the President of the Community Council Mr Nikos Karadjias, Drs Andrea Charalambous and Caroline Kitromelides and student volunteers Anniepreet Tuteja, Hamreet Baidwan, Nour Bassil, Smrithishri Rallapalli, Christian Gonzalez, Waleed Salim, Ahmed Eldesouky, Carl Mc Govern, Toby Newton, Irene Papapetrou, Diana Shibib, Kostas Spyridis, Christiana Spyrou, Ivy Mensah, Maria Witkowiak, Aikaterini Kalogirou, Manisha Weerakkody (Leader)