#151–175 for Business and Economics, #176–200 for Education, #251–300 for Psychology, #501–600 for Clinical and Health, #501–600 for Social Sciences

The 2023 results of the annual Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings by Subject reinforce the University of Nicosia’s global standing in the disciplines of Business and Economics, and Education, ranking it among the Top 151–175 in the world in Business and Economics, and among the Top 176–200 universities in the world in Education.

Correspondingly, the results place UNIC as #35 in the European Union and, once again, as #1 in Cyprus and Greece, in the subject area of Business and Economics. In the subject area of Education, the results place UNIC as #40 in the European Union and as #1 in Cyprus and Greece (sharing this position with the University of Cyprus).

Additionally, the latest results of the THE World University Rankings by Subject rank the University of Nicosia (UNIC) among the:

  • Top 251–300 universities in the world for Psychology
  • Top 501–600 universities in the world for Clinical and Health
  • Top 501–600 universities in the world for Social Sciences

Correspondingly, the results place UNIC as:

  • #69 in the European Union, and #2 in Cyprus and Greece, in Psychology
  • #142 in the European Union, #2 in Cyprus, and #6 in Cyprus and Greece, in Clinical and Health
  • #132 in the European Union, #3 in Cyprus, and #6 in Cyprus and Greece, in Social Sciences

The table below summarizes the University rankings in these five subject areas.

Subject Cyprus Cyprus and Greece European Union Worldwide
Business & Economics 1 1 35 151-175
Education 1* 1* 40 176-200
Psychology 2 2 69 251-300
Clinical & Health 2 6 142 501-600
Social Sciences 3 6 132 501-600

* sharing position with the University of Cyprus.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE WUR) is possibly the best-known and most influential university classification system in the world, drawing on five decades of expertise in the sector and millions of individual data points.

These are indeed amazing results! Our University has rightly been recognised as one of the leading universities in the world in these five areas. This massive honour for the respective Schools and our University more broadly, deservedly reflects the Schools’ high-quality output in teaching and learning, research and innovation, as well as contribution to society, and is the result of the outstanding work of our dedicated and internationally acclaimed teaching and research staff”, noted Professor Pouyioutas, Rector of the University. “I would like to warmly congratulate and thank the entire UNIC community, our teaching, research and administrative staff, as well as our students and alumni. The contribution of our Master’s and Doctoral degree students, particularly in research, has been important for our success”, concluded Rector Pouyioutas.

Indeed, the results of the Subject rankings are the latest in a succession of distinctions bestowed on UNIC by Times Higher Education, chief of which is ranking the University among the Top 501-600 universities in the world by its flagship World University Rankings for 2023.

Along with its inclusion in the Top 501-600 universities in the world, UNIC was ranked:

  • 179th among the universities in the world that are 50 years old or younger by the 2022 THE Young University Rankings;
  • 122nd among the universities of countries or regions classified by the London Stock Exchange’s FTSE Group as “Emerging” by the 2022 THEEmerging Economies Rankings;
  • 36th in the world in the core area of Quality Education by the 2022 THE Impact Rankings.