On Sunday, 20 November 2022, the Mobile Clinic travelled to Lythrodontas village, where student volunteers representing the three medical programmes of the School (5-year and 6-year MD and MBBS) had the opportunity to practise their clinical skills and offer back to the community.

Fifteen student volunteers performed blood pressure, body mass index, and electrocardiogram tests (ECG) to 40 local visitors under the supervision of Clinical Professor of Cardiology Joseph Moutiris, and with the assistance of Clinical Associate Professor of General Surgery Danagra Ikossi.

Prof Moutiris said “The expedition was well organized, and the locals attending expressed their gratitude for the whole examination process, from history taking to ECG. As most of them are facing health issues like diabetes and hypertension, they found the examination as a good opportunity to review their health.”

Dr Ikossi added “The Mobile Clinic Expeditions serve as a unique and wonderful opportunity for the medical students to gain real-world experience with patients, outside of the hospitals and clinics as well as an opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills, team building, teaching and organizational skills, and their ability to collaborate and problem-solve. I was so impressed by our medical students’ independence, setting up the clinic, organizing the flow of patients, and performing the tests.”

Following the tests, students had the opportunity to visit one of Lythrodontas Olive Mills, and learn about the oil extraction procedure. At the end of the tour they got a taste of fresh olive oil and oregano spread on toasted bread. The expedition was concluded with a delicious lunch offered by the Municipality of Lythrodontas at a local tavern.