Social responsibility is fundamental to UNIC Health and is expressed in various ways. One of these is the Mobile Clinic expeditions. This time, the Mobile Clinic of the Medical School participated in the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society’s Christmas Fiesta, an annual charity event held in support of cancer patients. The Fiesta took place at the central offices of the Cyprus Electricity Authority in Nicosia, and brought together students from various years and programmes. This was an inter-professional Mobile Clinic expedition that gave the opportunity to students studying medicine and nursing to work together.

A total of 23 medical and nursing student volunteers formed two teams to cover two shifts from 10:30 to 18:30. Under the guidance of Dr Danagra Ikossi, Dr Maria Cecilia Mosquera, Dr Monica Nikitara, Dr Marina Akourastou, Mrs Savoula Ghobrial, and Mr Evangelos Latzourakis, they performed blood pressure and glucose measurements to 99 guests of the Fiesta.

Dr Mosquera,  Assistant Professor in the Department of Primary Care and Population Health said  “This Mobile Clinic Expedition was an important step in UNIC Health’s efforts to create Interprofessional Learning experiences for its students. It allowed nursing and medical students to serve the community together, to interact and enhance their understanding of multidisciplinary team collaboration, communication and teamwork.”

Mrs Ghobrial, Nursing Lead of the Life & Health Sciences programme, added “Our nursing and medical students worked together to offer free check ups of blood pressure and blood glucose testing, and to raise funds in support of patients suffering from cancer. This was a wonderful demonstration of multidisciplinary work between the two health care professions.”

Student volunteers were caught by surprise when Santa visited the Health booth for a quick check up!