The first Mobile Clinic Expedition of 2023 took place in Deryneia on Sunday, 29 January 2023. Seventeen medical student volunteers, supervised by Clinical Associate Professor Danagra Ikossi, had the opportunity to perform blood pressure and glucose tests to the local population between 10am to 1pm at the Municipality’s Multifunctional Centre. This is the fifth expedition taking place for the current academic year.

“Going on the Mobile Clinic expedition was a great experience. I was able to put the things I had learnt into practice and help people with real conditions; something that cannot be replicated in a cubicle with simulated patients. We also got to explore Deryneia and learn some of its history. This experience was very valuable and I would highly recommend that students sign up!”

Jesal Vijay Doshi, MD, Year 4

The expedition was co-organised with the Municipality of Deryneia. The Mayor of Deryneia, Mr Andros Karayiannis, welcomed the Medical School team and had his blood pressure and glucose measured.

Following the expedition the team of volunteers were given a tour at the Municipal amphitheatre and the Folkloric museum. The expedition ended with lunch at the Museum café.

“The mobile clinic was a really useful and fun experience for me. I had the opportunity to meet people, and other medical students from other programmes and years.  I also had the chance to see Deryneia in the Famagusta District, with its hospitable people. I would definitely recommend the Mobile Clinic activity to every medical student.”

Stylianos Rallidis,  MD, Year 4

“I highly recommend the participation to the Mobile Clinic expedition to all medical students, as it is an excellent opportunity to meet with patients from different parts of Cyprus and develop through practice the clinical skills you have learned in clinical and communication skill sessions.”

Sobhan Motamedian, MD, Year 4

“The best part about participating in the mobile clinic is the opportunity to give back to the community. I encourage any students to volunteer if they want to form connections with other like-minded medical students who work together to aid patients in early prevention. By offering free health screenings to the public, we are one step closer to making healthcare accessible to everyone.”

Kaylee Rose Briones, MD, Year 3