On Saturday, 11 February 2023, the Medical School Mobile Clinic travelled to the beautiful village of Koilani in the district of Limassol. In collaboration with Pantheo Eye Centre, and supported by the Community Board of Koilani, the team of ophthalmologists and student volunteers performed free ophthalmological examinations to the local population.

The expedition began with a training session at Pantheo Eye Centre in Limassol, delivered by Dr Theodoros Potamitis. Following the training session the team traveled to Koilani where the ophthalmological examinations took place between 10:30am and 1:30pm.

The student volunteers had the chance to work next to Pantheo Eye Center Ophthalmologists, gain valuable practical experience and develop their skills and knowledge through real-life examinations, performed on patients who had booked their appointments well before the expedition day.

The response of the people to this expedition was overwhelming. Initially there were 30 scheduled appointments but the team ended up examining 39 patients, as people on the waiting list showed up anyway.

After the expedition, students had the chance to get a taste of home-made local delicacies brought by patients, followed by lunch at a local tavern, offered by the Koilani Community Board, before heading back home.