The Medical School’s Mobile Clinic, concluded its highly successful year by participating in the Cyprus Pride festival on Saturday, 27 May 2023. This event witnessed the collaborative efforts of the Mobile Clinic team, Cy Checkpoint, and the AIDS Solidarity Movement, as they conducted 128 HIV and Syphilis tests.

The Mobile Clinic’s participation in the Cyprus Pride festival marked the culmination of a busy and succesful year of service. Between October 2022 and May 2023, the Mobile Clinic traversed 11 destinations, reaching out to communities in various villages across four districts of Cyprus – Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos, and Famagusta. Among the villages to benefit from the Mobile Clinic’s presence were Farmakas, Lythrodontas, Deryneia, Koilani, Kouklia, Pedoulas, and Episkopi. A total of 163 student volunteers administered 1856 tests, including electrocardiograms, screening of ophthalmic diseases, blood pressure, glucose and body mass index, to 689 patients.

For the Cyprus Pride festival, the 16 student volunteers received prior training in sexual health history taking and effectively applied their communication skills during their interaction with a diverse group of festival-goers. By conducting 128 HIV and Syphilis rapid tests, the Mobile Clinic played a crucial role in promoting awareness, prevention, and early detection of these infections. The collaboration with Cy Checkpoint and the AIDS Solidarity Movement further amplified the positive impact of these efforts.

‘The Mobile Clinic Club has been by far one of the biggest highlights of my medical school career.

For the last 6 years I got to experience it to its full capacity, whether through going on expeditions, or by presenting at schools. The hands-on experience I was exposed to allowed me to grow and be more confident in my skills.

The purpose of Mobile Clinic Club roots in the importance of community healthcare and awareness, and this being a passion of mine, encouraged me to become a part of the committee. Over the years I had the opportunity to participate in many expeditions alongside my fellow peers, and learn about the importance of outreach work.

The expeditions themselves were a unique experience. We had the opportunity to meet new students across all medical programmes at the University, and to learn together the ins and outs of talking to different communities, and focusing on the important aspects of patient care. Moreover, we had the fortune of exploring different villages and historical sites across the island. The communities were kind-hearted and generous as they welcomed us with open arms, and even provided us with meals at local taverns.

The Mobile Clinic Club has been a big influence on me. It has given me a taste of what healthcare in the community is, and has emphasised the importance of primary care of patients, something I will forever be grateful for.”

Manisha Weerakkody, MD, Class of 2023

“Having completed my medical degree at UNIC, I am graduating with many memories to remember. The Mobile Clinic has been a big part of my medical journey, and has played a significant role in my development from a student to a junior doctor.

The club provided us with the opportunity to early exposure to the clinical aspect of medical school. My earliest memory was on my very first expedition, back in 2017, when I was struggling with measuring blood pressure. The older students practised with me so that I could leave the expedition and feel very confident.

This year I took the role of the Mobile Clinic president, and with the help of the committee members, we held many successful expeditions. We travelled across the island, provided healthcare services, and met great locals who offered us amazing food. Another aspect that made the club special was meeting students from different cohorts and programmes, some of which became very good friends of mine.

Although 6 years passed very quickly, I am very happy to have witnessed the change that Mobile Clinic has had on the community and the students, myself included. I’m thankful to every person who made it memorable! I will remember this experience throughout my future and every time I measure blood pressure!”

Lama ZenEddin, MD, Class of 2023

The Mobile Clinic would like to extend its heartfelt appreciation to the student and physician volunteers who supported the Mobile Clinic’s expeditions throughout the year.