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News & Updates

Professor Dimitris Drikakis joined the Editorial Board of Nature Scientific Reports

Professor Dimitris Drikakis joined the Editorial Board of Nature Scientific Reports The University of Nicosia congratulates Professor Dimitris Drikakis for joining the Editorial Board of the prestigious journal Nature Scientific Reports. Nature Scientific Reports is an open access journal publishing [...]

C-MOR Consortium Releases Findings on Excess Mortality from the Pandemic in 22 Countries

August 2021 Global consortium representing 27 institutions compared mortality in the previous five years to deaths between January and August 2020. They found that some countries showed excess all-cause mortality, while other nations had minimal [...]

Study reveals thyroid cancer in Cyprus for 0 to 19-year olds among world’s highest

19 July 2021 A new study on paediatric and adolescent thyroid cancer in Cyprus, by UNIC Medical School Professor of Paediatric Oncology/Haematology Loizos Loizou and his scientific team, is published in the latest online edition [...]

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