Our History

||Our History

Our History

The University of Nicosia has established itself as a dynamic and respected international institution of higher education in just 30 years, evolving from a college into the largest university in Cyprus.


First Graduation Ceremony

With an impressive ceremony held at the State Theatre in Nicosia on 15 May 2015, featuring as keynote speaker President of Cyprus Nicos Anastassiades and attended by parents and guests from across the globe, the University of Nicosia Medical School celebrated the graduation of students in the graduate-entry programme that is offered in collaboration with St George’s, University of London. All graduates received a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and subsequently secured employment in their country of choice.


Partnership with St. George’s

2010 marks another milestone: the launch of the first medical programme in Cyprus, which will be offered by St George’s, University of London in association with the University of Nicosia.


The University of Nicosia

In September 2007, Intercollege gave rise to the University of Nicosia as one of the three first private universities approved by the Cyprus Government. In a nationwide survey in 2009, it was ranked as the best private educational institution in Cyprus, offering Bachelors degree programs in a wide range of fields including Human Biology, Nursing, Architecture, Law and Business, as well as postgraduate degree programs at the Masters and PhD levels.


The Largest College in Cyprus

In 1981, Dr Nicos Peristianis, the present President of the Council of the University of Nicosia, was appointed Director and the College began expanding its programmes towards academic degrees. In its first decade of operation, Intercollege developed and modified courses of study in accordance with its growing constituencies, the needs of the Cypriot labour market, and its founding mission to provide quality higher education at a reasonable cost. Intercollege continued its steady development in the 1990s by awarding its own Diplomas, Bachelor degrees and Masters degrees on three campuses in Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol, becoming the largest college in Cyprus.



The history of the University begins with the establishment of Intercollege in 1980 as a private institution preparing students for the examinations of recognised British professional bodies, such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Communication, Advertising and Marketing Foundation (CAM).