On the road to Lythrodontas village

Thursday, 28 April 2022 On 17 April 2022 the Medical School Mobile Clinic travelled to the village of Lythrodontas in the district of Nicosia.  Seventeen medical student volunteers under the guidance of Doctors Andrea Charalambous and Carolina Kitromelides, performed blood pressure measurements and glucose tests to more than 100 people. "For many of us, [...]

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MSSS and Student Life

by Ioannis Apergis, President of  Medical School Student Society (MSSS) December 2020 “Difficulties mastered are opportunities won,” said Winston Churchill. Everyone is concerned about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the daily life of people worldwide. The effects of this pandemic have changed how organizations, foundations, societies and generally speaking how the world [...]

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Mobile Eye Clinic goes to Arsos village

Friday, 25 October 2019 by Daniel Couchenour, MBBS, Class of 2022 Last Sunday, in collaboration with the Pantheo Eye Center, the annual Mobile Eye Clinic expedition took place at Arsos village in the district of Limassol. Upon our arrival in Arsos we were greeted by the locals with great enthusiasm.   We set-up at the Community Centre [...]

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“So Coroner what was the cause of death?”

Friday, 12  April 2019 by Hafsa Omer Sulaiman, MBBS 2022 “The spike penetrated the chest wall and perforated the aortic arch; a few centimetres to the right and she may have pulled through.” That went through my head as I was waiting in front of the anatomy lab during my first week of medical school. [...]

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“Congrats, you’re a doctor” Now what?

Tuesday, 22 January 2019 by Eleni Naria Hadjicosta, Alumni 2018 You start with a goal. Graduate med school. Pretty big thinking when you’re 18 years old.  And then one day, you wake up, and realise you’ve done it. You are now a doctor. All those years of hard work, all the sweat and tears, the [...]

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PBLx SGUL-UNIC: A unique brand of learning, catered by Zorbas

Thursday, 10 January 2019 by Elsie Marieanne Sowah, MBBS 2021 It’s around 10:30 and you’re using every last drop of the grade school-inculcated discipline within you to ignore the pink Zorba’s box (baked goods/pastries) on top of the fridge. The last Report Back is underway and your eyes are oscillating between what’s becoming a blue [...]

PBLx SGUL-UNIC: A unique brand of learning, catered by Zorbas2019-07-03T07:12:43+03:00

300+ BP measurements during the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society’s Xmas Fiesta

Thursday, 6 December 2018 by Elsie Sowah, MBBS 2021 On Saturday1 December the echo of the Cyprus Boy Scouts’ marching band reverberated throughout the lobby of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) Central Office in Nicosia at around 10:05am to mark the start of the 8th Annual Christmas Fiesta hosted by the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society. [...]

300+ BP measurements during the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society’s Xmas Fiesta2019-07-03T07:12:43+03:00

Successful Mobile Clinic Expedition to Larnaca: Movember Edition

Tuesday, 20 November 2018 by Rasha Ahmed Abdalla Taha Eid, MD 2023 On Saturday 17 November, a group of medical student volunteers participated in the mobile clinic expedition that took place in Ermou square in Larnaca. As soon as the students arrived on location, they set up their equipment in preparation for the day ahead. [...]

Successful Mobile Clinic Expedition to Larnaca: Movember Edition2019-07-03T07:12:44+03:00
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