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The PhD programme in Medical Sciences is open to applications for study by research in all disciplines/specialties of Medicine.

The degree will be conferred on candidates who achieve a pass, following an independent research programme that breaks new ground in the chosen field of study. All proposals will undergo rigorous scrutiny for novelty and feasibility before being allowed to proceed. It is envisaged that only candidates of the highest calibre will be admitted to the PhD programme. Moreover, it is intended that those who are successful in obtaining a PhD will develop capabilities that would allow them to carry out and lead independent research, innovate and push the frontiers of science and medicine forward. Prospects of employment will include positions in clinical medicine (hospitals or private practice), biomedical research institutes, pharmaceutical industry, academia, government agencies, and national and international legislative bodies.

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The tuition fees for the PhD programme during years 1-3 are €4500 per year. The tuition fee for year 4 is €1500.


For further information please contact: Prof Peter Karayiannis | Doctoral Programme Coordinator | [email protected]

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