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The aim of the ECNP Seminar is to provide an interactive training course for future leading scientists in neuro-psychopharmacology. Focused every year on a different European country, it offers participants from that country the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in a concentrated learning environment with local and international experts.

The seminar consists of one-hour, interactive presentations by 2 experts and 2 parallel workshops in which the participants must give a short presentation allowing ample time for discussion with the experts. The last part of the seminar includes presentations of the outcome of the discussion in the workshops in front of the assembly, getting feedback from the audience and the experts.


The  focus of the seminar is on research questions related to clinical trials. The topics the experts will present are:

”Schizophrenia research as a model for research plan and design”

Mark Weiser

“Animal Model for PTSD as a model for research plan and design”

Avraham Avital

“Neuroscience based Nomenclature (NbN): new classification of psychotropics in your pocket-presenting the concept and live depostration”

Joseph Zohar



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