Our Academic Faculty

Alexandros Heraclides
MPH Course Director  [email protected]
Alexia Papageorgiou
 Communications Skills Lead  [email protected]
Avgis Hadjipapas
MD and MSc Assesment Lead [email protected]
Chloe Antoniou
 MD Year 2 Lead [email protected]
Christiana Charalambous
 MD Year 3 Lead [email protected]
Constantina Constantinou
 MD Course Director [email protected]
Costas Constantinou
 Medical Sociology Lead, MD Year 1 Lead [email protected]
Dimitrios Kanakis
Pathology Lead [email protected]
Despina Moissidou
 Histology Lead [email protected]
Julia Hynes
Lead for Medical Law and Ethics [email protected]
Maria Perdikogianni
MD Year 2 Communication Skills Lead [email protected]
Persoulla Nicolaou
Pharmacology Lead, CS Year Lead  [email protected]
Peter Karayiannis
Associate Dean for Faculty and Research MD Phase 1 Lead [email protected]
Peter McCrorie
Chair of Department of Medical Education [email protected]
Photos Hadjigeorgiou
Chemistry Lead, USMLE Lead [email protected]
Stelios Georgiades
Psychology Subtheme Lead [email protected]
Stella Loizou
PBL Academic Lead [email protected]
Theano Kalavana
MBBS Communication Skills Lead [email protected]