Students and Research

The University of Nicosia Medical School has developed the ‘Students in Research Programme’, a framework which aims to provide students of the MBBS and MD programmes with opportunities to participate in Research Projects offered by the faculty of the Medical School. Participation in the programme is voluntary. Currently students in Years 4-6 of the MD programme and in all years of the MBBS students are eligible to participate in the Programme.

Research Projects under SIRP are usually offered twice every academic year: The Summer SIRP Programme takes place during the period of July to December and the Winter SIRP Programme takes place during the period of January to June.

Students eligible to participate in the SIRP Programme receive an email invitation including a list of available Research Projects and instructions on how to submit an application. The relevant Research Project Supervisors select the student(s) based on their academic judgement.

Information regarding the upcoming calls under SIRP, relevant deadlines and the application form can be found on Moodle under the Students in Research Programme (SIRP) Page .

Selected Articles in Collaboration with Medical Faculty

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Selected Articles by Medical Students

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