Avgis Hadjipapas



Avgis Hadjipapas is a Professor in Neuroscience and Research Methods at the University of Nicosia Medical School.  He is the Academic Lead for Assessment for the Masters in Family Medicine Programme and also for the Medical Doctor Programme.

Prof Hadjipapas studied Medicine (MD, University of Kiel, Germany) then obtained an MSc in Cognitive Science/EEG from the Central and Eastern European Centre for Cognitive Science (New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria) and a PhD in MEG /Neuroscience from the Wellcome Trust Laboratory for MEG studies, Aston University (Birmingham, UK).

His research interests are in the fields of neurophysiology, neuroimaging and computational neuroscience. He is particularly interested in the analysis and computational modelling of neurophysiological signals at different spatial scales in order to identify mechanisms of generation of rhythmic activity in the brain and the role of rhythmic activity in cortical function (particularly in visual perception) and dysfunction (particularly in epilepsy).

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