Constantinos Zervides

Associate Professor


Constantinos Zervides is an Associate Professor of Medical Physics and Scientific Director of the Ultrasound Institute at the University of Nicosia Medical School.

Dr Zervides has earned a BEng in Medical Systems Engineering with Class I, an MSc in Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering with a Distinction, and a PhD in Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering, all from the University of Sheffield.  He has also been awarded the title of CSci from the Science Council of the United Kingdom. and he is currently enrolled in the PgCert in Healthcare & Biomedical Education at St George’s, University of London.

His research interests cover different disciplines, often combined showing a very multidisciplinary research orientation.  Since 2012, his research interests shifted towards radiation protection issues, safety culture and appropriate experimental verification of medical imaging equipment parameter verification.  In the field of Biomedical Engineering, he works on the design optimization and assessment of cardiovascular prostheses.  He is also interested in the development of multi-scale, multi-physics and biologically oriented, appropriate boundary conditions for 3D models in the cardiovascular field, on the numerical simulation of physiological systems with Fluid Structure Interactions (FSI) and the application of different modelling techniques to tackle multi-scale biological applications.  In relation to Medical Systems, his research interests involve control and simulation of biomedical applications which involves the development of a heart assist device to provide mechanical pumping power to a weakened heart, a piezoelectric control system used to measure changes in venous pressure to aid diagnosis of venous disorders and the development of an endovascular simulator that will enable procedural training for clinicians and medical professionals in angiography, neuro intervention and cardiovascular intervention.

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