Georgia Koulermou

Clinical Associate


Dr Georgia Koulermou is a Clinical Associate at the University of Nicosia Medical School.

Dr Georgia Koulermou is a certified cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, with a particular interest in breast reconstruction. She graduated from the Medical School of the University of Athens, where she performed her surgical training specialising in plastic surgery. In addition, she was awarded her Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Athens, with the title of “Epidemiological study of skin melanoma in Greece”. In 1993, upon completing her specialisation in plastic surgery, she returned to Cyprus, and worked at the Plastic Surgery Department of “Archbishop Makarios” Hospital in Nicosia. From 1996 onwards, she became the Director of the Plastic Surgery Clinic and Burns Unit of the “Archbishop Makarios” Hospital in Nicosia, a position that she held until November of 2017. Since then, she is an active Plastic Surgeon, working in the private sector.

Dr Koulermou has more than 300 published articles at international magazines and lectures as an invited speaker at conferences. She has presented a vast number of clinical and research work that pertains to burn disease and breast reconstruction after mastectomy and skin melanoma. She has consistently been awarded for her scientific work from the Greek Surgical Association, Memorial Hospital and the Greek Association of Wounds. Moreover, she has a specialisation in breast surgery and reconstruction after mastectomy, with continual specialisations and scholarships abroad. Finally, she is the writer of the book entitled “Clinical differential diagnosis of cutaneous melanoma”, published by εν τύποις in 2017.

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