Maria Perdikogianni



Maria Perdikogianni is a Lecturer of Clinical Communication at the University of Nicosia Medical School.

Ms Perdikogianni holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology and English Literature from NYU (New York University) and graduate degrees in Applied Educational Psychology and Child Play Therapy from NYU and the Martha K. Selig Educational Institute at the Jewish Board of Family and Children Services in NY. Presently, she is working on her PhD in Clinical Communication Skills.  She has over twenty years of experience working as a therapist with adults, children, families and individuals with intellectual challenges in the US and in Cyprus.  She has been an external associate of the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family in Cyprus for over a decade, has given several lectures and presentations at private schools and has been trained in behavior modification techniques, organized parent trainings and carried out group therapy for individuals with intellectual challenges

Her research interests include clinical communication skills, health issues (ie, smoking, drug abuse, and other), child abuse, child and women trafficking, children’s emotional and social well-being, and psychotherapy.

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