Panagiotis Karanis



Panagiotis Karanis is a Professor of Anatomy and Coordinator of Unit of Anatomy and Morphology  at the University of Nicosia Medical School.

Professor Karanis is a resourceful and dedicated professor with an outstanding academic background, excellent publication record and significant teaching experiences in the fields of Human Anatomy and Infectious Tropical Diseases. Possesses worldwide excellent interpersonal and liaison skills with the ability to build and maintain positive working relationships. Enjoys worldwide collaborating in a productive and successful team and thrives in challenging environments. Professorships at the Medical Schools of Bonn and Cologne in Germany, at the National Research Center in Japan and at the Center for Biomedicine and Infectious Diseases in Qinghai, China. Possesses mature administrative and managerial abilities and solid experience in science policy and public health. Since September 1st, 2019, has been appointed as Professor of Anatomy at UNIC Medical School

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