Spyros Papacharalambous

Clinical Assistant Professor


Spyros Papacharalambous is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Nicosia Medical School.

Dr Papacharalambous holds a Medical Degree (MD) from Sofia Medical Academy and a Dental Degree (DDS) from the Faculty of Stomatology, Sofia Medical Academy. He obtained his first Postgraduate Diploma in Oral Surgery and his second in Maxillofacial Surgery from the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Faculty of Stomatology, Sofia Medical Academy. He also holds a PhD on Bone Substitutes from the same Academy.

His research areas cover the biological properties of certain Madreporian coral skeleton genera used as bone substitutes. These include among others the processes of resorption and new bone apposition and their relation to the porosity volume and architecture of the genera, especially when subperiosteally implanted for contour augmentations of the face. He is also further evolving his own method for mandibular osteotomies.

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Phone: +357 22 471900

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