AMSA (American Medical Student Association) Chapter of University of Nicosia Medical School International Chapter

The purposes are:

  1. Provide an environment that supports the creative ideas of physicians in training
  2. Promote, encourage and maintain a cohesive relationship with the student and non-student organisations of AMSA Chapter of University of Nicosia Medical School International Chapter
  3. Serve as a forum for discussion of health issues and develop a policy agenda for physicians in training
  4. Affect change in the medical education process and to make it more responsive  to the needs of students and society
  5. Maintain its status as an independent organisation
  6. Maintain its primary identity as an organisation for physicians in training
  7. Promote and maintain programs which enhance the quality of health care in the community
  8. Be financially independent  and maintain a stable financial base
  9. Develop health-care leadership
  10. Seek, develop and provide membership services to the community of physicians in training
  11. Periodically re-evaluate  the above purposes and ensure that they are carried out in a proper fashion
  12. Provide resources to facilitate the process of transitioning to the North American medical system
  13. Bridge the gap between North America and the medical student abroad