Medical Students Research Society (MSRS)


Promote an environment of undergraduate research on campus, to advance and disseminate the theory and practice of research, to provide members with opportunities for professional socialization in a research environment, to encourage research that benefits the community, and to foster relationships among like-minded peers who are also interested in research. MSRS is open to all students.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Provide a comfortable environment for members to share and develop their ideas. Also improve their research skills such as reading scientific journals or designing controlled experiments.
  • Application of what was taught in some courses to real-life settings
  • Enable more students to get involved with research, promote research and academic medicine among medical students
  • Find and provide opportunities for students to perform and publish research
  • Increase the overall student understanding and contribution to undergraduate research that can strengthen their reliability

Who we are:

MSRS aims to provide students with the skills essential for them to conduct research. We want to get as many students involved in research as possible and share valuable transferable research skills with the supervision of qualified doctors.