Orthopaedic’s and Clinical Anatomy Society

Orthopaedics is a unique specialty in the sense that it is highly specialised in the way in which it approaches and manages a patient.

Throughout medical school we as medical students were given a great deal of exposure to the specialties surrounding internal medicine such as cardiology, respiratory medicine etc. leaving medical students questioning what other more niche specialties are like.

The aim of creating this Society is to allow people to gain an insight into Orthopaedics from an early stage in their medical carreer, to allow them the opportunity to explore their interests but also further deepen their knowledge in the specialty.

To fulfill these aims, objectives such as a series of lectures will be created and presented regarding orthopaedic hot topics combined with the relevance of clinical anatomy in identifying and managing the patient problem. Lectures regarding specialties that highly intertwine with orthopaedics and lastly with the help and cooperation of the Medical School, create in person interactive sessions where medical students can further hone their clinical and communication skills and learn new skills relevant to the specialty.