SelfDoc-development Interest Club

The aim of the Club is to interactively familiarize UNIC students with learning, education and NFE (non-formal education) theories and techniques that enable them to successfully design and deliver NFE materials of any topic of interest for their personal development. By attending the meetings of the Club, they will be able to obtain the skills, knowledge, and attitude necessary to become educators to improve their studying skills, boost self-development and build strong interpersonal relationships in an international learning environment, which is inevitably important in future doctor’s career.

Goals of the Club:

  • Educate UNIC students who will contribute to the development of extra curriculum events, and possibly be able to volunteer in other student NGOs
  • They will acquire the necessary skills to be able to find opportunities outside of the university environment.
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of NFE
  • Encourage Club members to take their own initiative and use their creativity in actively finding their own NFE style
  • Support and encourage participants to seek their NFE identity and pursue self-development

Content of the Club:

According to the interests and needs of the UNIC students, the exact content of the program is constantly adapted, but the main learning areas remain similar and are focused around (amongst others):

  • Self-development
  • Communication skills
  • Adult learning
  • Effective study skills
  • NFE Design
  • NFE Delivery