15 September 2023

Following the approval by the University Senate and Council, we are pleased to announce the formation of the Unit for Diversity Competence (UDC) in Healthcare and Healthcare Education, which will operate under the UNIC Health umbrella.

The mission of the UDC is to nurture an inclusive and culturally competent environment within our healthcare community. The primary objectives of UDC are:

  • Training & Support: UDC will offer support and training in diversity and cultural competence in healthcare to staff, faculty and students of the Medical School, School of Veterinary Medicine, and School of Life and Health Sciences.
  • Guidance for Affiliates: UDC will provide support and guidance to all UNIC Health affiliated healthcare organisations in working effectively with diverse patients.
  • Research & Development: UDC will develop or participate in research projects and collaborations, and will publish in the area of diversity and cultural competence.

Professor Costas Constantinou has been appointed as the Director of UDC. Professor Constantinou will work closely with staff, faculty, and students to ensure the successful implementation of UDC’s mission and objectives. With his wealth of experience in the field of diversity and cultural competence, we are confident that UDC will ensure that our healthcare services and education are inclusive, sensitive, and reflective of the diverse community we serve.