Clubs and Specialty Interest Societies

There are a variety of Clubs and Specialty Interest Societies where students can get involved, make new friends, have some fun and be part of the student community.


A Club is a student interest group set up for the enjoyment, benefit and enrichment of students for the encouragement of personal development for extracurricular activities. The activities of current Clubs include community service, sports, wellness and cultural interests. Students usually form Clubs based on social, ethnic, academic, athletic, arts, or other special interests. To register, students can team up with their fellow students and apply through the Student Services team.

Specialty Interest Societies

The aim of a Specialty Interest Society is to provide a platform for all those who are interested in a specific career and equip them with the relevant background information and experience in order to be able to make a correct choice and/or take the necessary initial steps towards such a career. This shall be achieved by informative and/or practical sessions (e.g. lectures, visits etc.) in cooperation with other relevant organizations, if necessary. To register, students can team up with their fellow students and apply through the MSSS.

Join the Clubs and Societies
Information is sent to all students during the month of October with the procedure on how to join or form a new Club or Specialty Interest Society. Clubs can be registered through the Student Services team and the Specialty Interest Societies through the MSSS.

Alternatively, they can join the variety of ethnic or academic Clubs and Societies at the University of Nicosia if the Club they wish to form already exists.

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