Ophthalmology Specialty Interest Society (OSIS)

Brief Aims and Objectives of the Specialty Society:

The primary aim of the Ophthalmology Specialty Interest Society (OSIS) will be to
engage students in ophthalmology as a specialty and career. This will involve a wide range of events. Below is a list of event ideas we currently have in mind, with a brief description of each:

  • Planning sessions with ophthalmology consultants and/or residents in which they would share their experience working as ophthalmologists, as well as some advice regarding applying to ophthalmology residency programs. We believe this is key to inform students interested in the specialty of day-to-day life and application processes in different medical teaching systems.
  • Organizing introductory educational sessions that briefly discuss the instruments (surgical or diagnostic) commonly used by ophthalmologists of different sub-specialties. This should include indications for use, how they work, and what their results mean. Given that ophthalmology is an instrument-heavy specialty, it would be beneficial for students to gain introductory information regarding these instruments.
  • Conducting sessions in which students can present ophthalmologic case reports they may have read online or seen in practice. This would facilitate discussion about standard clinical practice.
  • Organizing an ophthalmologic research journal club, in which students will have the opportunity to present their own research projects or any interesting publications they may have read. We believe this is an activity that would engage students in research and help with scientific literacy.
  • Working with other ophthalmologic medical societies in order to foster collaborative environments for students of various backgrounds to engage discussion related to the specialty.