What Our Students Say

Ahmet Ozyigit
Ahmet OzyigitMD, Class of 2020, Cyprus

I take pride in being a part of the University of Nicosia medical school community. The opportunities that we have been granted as medical students are innumerable.

The experiences we have been offered in and out of lectures are indescribable. And the people that have stepped into our lives and not only provided us with their knowledge and experiences, but also became friends to us, are simply one of a kind. UNic medical school is my home.

William Verbist
William VerbistMBBS, Class of 2020, Belgium

I came to the St George’s programme in Cyprus because I heard that it offers many opportunities to get clinical practice early during the degree.

This year I have had the chance to learn directly from practicing physicians and to see numerous patients, who have helped me solidify the learning we do in the classroom. Each week we meet to discuss hypothetical patients, and then are given time to study their medical conditions.

The independent study we do is supported with great lectures given by the highly experienced teaching faculty. Afterwards, we continue by practicing our skills and learning how to incorporate the week’s learning into being a good, well-rounded physician.

Yogmaya Bakshi
Yogmaya BakshiMD, Class of 2023, New Zealand/India

Leaving home and studying in a country that’s thousands of miles away from home can be a daunting thought; however, the experience you will gain is that of a lifetime.

Studying at the University of Nicosia Medical School is a great learning opportunity. During the first year, the programme is focused on getting all of its students on same level and prepared for the following years. One of the best experiences I have had is attending the Mobile Clinic Drives. They give you hands-on involvement by allowing you to practice taking blood pressure measurements and blood glucose tests. The feeling you get when patients say “thank you” at these drives gives you lots of motivation and feelings of gratitude at choosing Medicine as your career. The island of Cyprus is a beautiful hidden gem. The people here are great, and the experience is one that you will never forget.

Alexandra Christina Popa
Alexandra Christina PopaMD, Class of 2021, Cyprus

What I find exciting about this specific programme is that at the end of our course we have opportunities in both Europe and USA.

Having classmates with nationalities spanning from Iceland to South Africa, one can easily see the benefits and how it helps the students grow in different aspects than just academically. The programme, despite being quite new, has already built a good reputation and if the students have any complaints, the staff takes into consideration every detail to help improve the programme in every way possible. Overall, the level is kept very professional, with many facilities (for example, the only medical school in Cyprus with cadavers), but also delightfully friendly.

Dr Christos Hadjicostas
Dr Christos HadjicostasMSc in FM ,Class of 2019, Cyprus

The program was excellent and pursuing it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I unreservedly recommend the MSc in Family Medicine to every GP. I can also say work at my practices has increased in volume since I completed the course as today’s patients—because they are able to cross-reference information online—are in a better position to realize if their doctor is up to date on new medical developments or not.

I strongly believe that doctors need to keep their knowledge and skills up to date and this was initially my main reason for undertaking the new degree. There are constantly new developments in medicine and I had for some time been mainly focused on homeopathy. When I looked into the University of Nicosia’s postgraduate programme in Family Medicine I realized it would be a good opportunity for me to undertake a review of what I know and update my knowledge on conventional medicine. That was where it began. I had originally been concerned about time restraints due to my heavy work schedule treating patients in three towns around Cyprus and lecturing but have never regretted going ahead. It has been very useful.

You update your knowledge and you cover cases that you may not otherwise encounter in your everyday practice until then. It also helps you become even better prepared to help your patients and your patients pick up on this and trust you more. You basically learn to approach them in a much more effective way. It also helps you avoid mistakes and excess because you are reminded of certain guidelines that should be followed, something that had not necessarily been touched upon as much when I first qualified as a medical doctor (in 1990). The course also helped me in many other aspects of my work, from making better diagnoses and treatment choices when someone seeks your help for the first time, to helping patients understand the importance of prevention, a duty that is especially important for a GP. Every doctor should find the time to do this course. Cypr