What Our Students Say

Eva Sonja Bender
Eva Sonja BenderMD, Class of 2028, Switzerland
One of the things that I particularly like about the Medical School is the opportunities we have to contribute to the society by volunteering through the Mobile Clinic. The Mobile Clinic expeditions, which are very popular among the medical students, take place twice a month in rural/remote areas and offer free diagnostic tests.
Faisal Gharaibeh
Faisal GharaibehMD, Class of 2026, Jordan

Moving away from home to study medicine in a foreign country was one of the hardest decisions I had to make; however, the outcome was the most rewarding. At the University of Nicosia (UNIC) Medical School I was welcomed into a new home; from the first few days I started forming bonds with an international and diverse cohort, all sharing the same passion I had for our future as young doctors. The staff and faculty members at the University aided me in each step of the way in my adjusting to the new environment and I found the transition to Cyprus to be smooth and exciting.

The MD program at UNIC helped me gain hands-on skills necessary for my future career since day one. I found myself enjoying each course in a unique way as the excellent professors showed us how each learning outcome related to medicine in a profound way. With multiple practical skills being taught early on and different modes of teaching such as lectures, labs, discussions and seminars, I was able to truly immerse myself in the field I am so passionate about.

It is important as medical students to keep track of the updated requirements for applying to residency programs prior to graduating. This is why I am so thankful for UNIC Medical School’s Career and Alumni Office, which has kept us constantly updated about our options and allowed alumni to speak to the cohort about their experiences in gaining access to prestigious residency programs around the world. I was able to understand better how to prep for exams such as the USMLE and think more closely about which field of medicine I would wish to train in through the experiences of students before me.

Divania Senira Da Cruz Lemos
Divania Senira Da Cruz LemosMD, Class of 2026, Angola

The decision to study abroad far away from friends and family is not an easy decision and the University of Nicosia (UNIC) Medical School Student Services Team helped me with all the knowledge I needed to settle into my new life in a new country, including facilitating my student visa, and whenever I had an enquiry to direct me to someone who would be able to help.

The faculty work to make the study topics as accessible and easy to understand knowing that everyone comes from a different background. Additionally, the classes are not just lecture-based, the Medical School offers a variety of tutorials, and my personal favorite, practical sessions which make you engage with the relevant material from our studies from Year 1. This ranges from lab experiments to having simulated patients to practice with and thereafter receiving feedback.

I can’t forget to mention that the teachers and staff members are the sweetest and nicest people. I am continually motivated that upon completion of the MD Programme from UNIC Medical School, I will have the opportunity to Practise medicine in Europe and/or USA.

Waleed Yassir Abbas Salim
Waleed Yassir Abbas SalimMD, Class of 2027, Sudan

My career intends to help the needy and the distressed, especially the ones in my home country, Sudan. Because many people find it hard to help themselves, I want to empower them. Studying at the University of Nicosia Medical School, an EU accredited medical degree, will open many doors for me that will help to fulfill my dreams.

At the UNIC Medical School, I have met many welcoming students from different nationalities. Moreover, the staff and professors at the university are accommodating and friendly. I believe it is a perfect fit for everyone looking for unparalleled education as it’s an EU accredited medical degree allowing medical practice pathways worldwide. Furthermore, UNIC Medical School is well-known as one of the few universities in Europe that uses cadavers as an educational aid. Medical students will also have the opportunity to experience early clinical years, which will allow them to become competent doctors. Overall, it’s an excellent place for students becoming more eclectic with students from around the globe, which will help innovate throughout the field of science and benefit a greater segment of the world’s population.

Neha Najeeb
Neha NajeebMD, Class of 2026, Canada

Since day one, the University of Nicosia (UNIC) Medical School has been very supportive every step of the way and has made my overall experience very welcoming and friendly. Being the first medical student in my family, there was so much I had to learn. The staff and professors have been so helpful and understanding in helping me navigate through Medical School. They did an amazing job in helping me make UNIC Medical School my home away from home.

UNIC is one of the best choices if you’re looking for an exciting international environment. I have made friends from all around the world and continue to better myself as an individual through the many extracurricular opportunities that the Medical School has to offer. The MD program has a well-rounded approach to medicine where we learn through lectures, labs, presentations, and group projects. They provide a hands-on approach with clinical and communication skills which lets us dive into the practical element of medicine very early into our studies. The MD degree allows me to think independently, and I continue to gain a lot of knowledge and skills that will help me with my future career as a doctor. The Medical School has also helped and encouraged me to prepare myself for the USMLE right from the beginning and has put my mind to ease knowing I will have an incredible support system when it comes to writing future licensing exams.

Olesia Verstiuk
Olesia VerstiukMD, Class of 2027, Ukraine

“Cure sometimes, treat often and comfort always” once was said by Hippocrates. The University of Nicosia Medical School is the ideal institution for my studies because it has a long-standing and widely recognized tradition of higher education and great modern opportunities for future doctors.

Since I started my MD programme, I have enjoyed its student-friendly and multicultural atmosphere, modern equipment and supportive staff. The clinic-oriented approach widely provided by experienced professors from the very first year deserves a separate mention and distinguishes this medical school from others. A variety of group projects gives every student an opportunity to upgrade their team-work skills along with gaining new friends. Last but not least, UNIC Medical School might be a wonderful destination for your studies since Cyprus is a really safe country.

Manisha Weerakkody
Manisha WeerakkodyMD, Class of 2023, Sri Lanka

My involvement with the Mobile Clinic has allowed me to gain hands-on experience with real patients from year 1.

This is a crucial part of becoming a doctor, as you gain experience and understand the true nature of the profession we are dedicating our lives to. It is a great chance to also meet and interact with other medical students and give back to the local community.

Yasir Ali Al-Shehhi
Yasir Ali Al-ShehhiMD, Class of 2022, Oman

I was accepted in the Doctor of Medicine programme at the University of Nicosia in August 2016. Having been awarded a scholarship from the Omani government, I found myself following my dream of becoming a doctor.

The University of Nicosia Medical School has in spired me from the first day. Beside the modern style of the lecture rooms, there are sophisticated laboratories for anatomy, clinical skills and simulation. The Medical School’s library has an integrated system which provides access to various international medical resources. It also contains reading and studying areas. The lifestyle in Cyprus is very relaxed. Apart from the ideal Mediterranean climate, people here are really warm and welcoming. In addition, having classmates from diverse nationalities and cultures adds to and intensifies my experience.

Dimitra Dimaki
Dimitra DimakiMD, Class of 2024, Greece

Having the opportunity to study at a university with a high academic and professional level makes the experience of the medical school even more exciting. I consider myself lucky for attending the MD 6 programme since it provides its students with a worldwide recognized degree and prepares them for future careers both in Europe and the US.

The professors are extremely supportive and make it their goal to help the students not only understand the demanding medical material in depth but also use it in practice in the various laboratory sessions.
Moreover, meeting people with the same dreams as me and having friends from different cultures and nations has helped me improve myself both as a communicator and as person in general, since it has broadened my horizons and my way of experiencing life.

Yogmaya Bakshi
Yogmaya BakshiMD, Class of 2023, New Zealand/India

Leaving home and studying in a country that’s thousands of miles away from home can be a daunting thought; however, the experience you will gain is that of a lifetime.

Studying at the University of Nicosia Medical School is a great learning opportunity. During the first year, the programme is focused on getting all of its students on same level and prepared for the following years. One of the best experiences I have had is attending the Mobile Clinic Drives. They give you hands-on involvement by allowing you to practice taking blood pressure measurements and blood glucose tests. The feeling you get when patients say “thank you” at these drives gives you lots of motivation and feelings of gratitude at choosing Medicine as your career. The island of Cyprus is a beautiful hidden gem. The people here are great, and the experience is one that you will never forget.

James Gardiner
James GardinerMBBS, Class of 2022, Australia

Leaving Australia to attend the University of Nicosia Medical School in Cyprus was a difficult decision to make yet one of the best.

Graduating with a GMC and Medical Board of Australia recognised qualification opens the doors for me to pursue either foundation training or residency at home, in the UK, Ireland and numerous other countries.

Dr Nihal Alber Garas
Dr Nihal Alber Garas MSc in FM, 2019 cohort

I want to provide my patients with the best clinical practice they could receive.  The continuous education, the latest evidence-based knowledge and the clinical reasoning skills ,delivered by this programme, will help me achieve this goal.

Yehonatan Marziano
Yehonatan MarzianoMBBS, Class of 2023, Israel

The cost of living in Cyprus is very affordable.

I stay in one of the brand-new student residences of the University which is conveniently located close to campus and to all convenience stores. Plus, if you want to take a short break from your studies, you are only an hour away from the island’s beaches or mountains.

Stephanie Zeitouni
Stephanie ZeitouniMPH, Class of 2022

I chose the Master of Public Health at the University of Nicosia Medical School to expand my knowledge in this area. Public Health is a fast-emerging interdisciplinary science in the world of healthcare.

This is important more broadly, as the concept of health is now moving away from individual care and instead focuses on the population-approach and prevention. The opportunity to further learn about the different domains of Public Health was intriguing to me. The programme is definitely enriching my knowledge in the field and will lead to vital qualification in this area of healthcare.

The University of Nicosia was my first choice when deciding to purse a Master’s degree. I like the flexibility the programme offers full-time working professionals such as myself. The experience is enhanced through online interactive lectures and tutorials. An added bonus is that the programme is taught in English which made it especially appealing to me given my educational background.

Dr Daniel Unegbu
Dr Daniel UnegbuMSc in FM, 2019 cohort

This programme has broadened my scope and has given depth to my understanding of family medicine and its practice. It has helped me develop a reflective, empathetic and structured communication pattern with my patients.

The access to high quality resource materials, the student friendly approach, and the supportive distinguished tutors are only a few of the advantages of this programme.

Dr Christos Hadjicostas
Dr Christos HadjicostasMSc in FM ,Class of 2019, Cyprus

The programme was excellent and pursuing and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I unreservedly recommend the MSc in Family Medicine to every GP. I can also say that my practices has increased in volume since I completed the course. Patients today are able to cross-reference information online and are in a better position to realize if their doctor is up-to-date with medical developments.

I strongly believe that doctors need to keep their knowledge and skills up to date and this was initially my main reason for undertaking the new degree. There are constantly new developments in medicine and I had for some time been mainly focused on homeopathy. When I looked into the University of Nicosia’s postgraduate programme in Family Medicine I realized it would be a good opportunity for me to undertake a review of what I know and update my knowledge on conventional medicine. That was where it began. I had originally been concerned about time restraints due to my heavy work schedule treating patients in three towns around Cyprus and lecturing but have never regretted going ahead. It has been very useful.

You update your knowledge and you cover cases that you may not otherwise encounter in your everyday practice until then. It also helps you become even better prepared to help your patients and your patients pick up on this and trust you more. You basically learn to approach them in a much more effective way. It also helps you avoid mistakes and excess because you are reminded of certain guidelines that should be followed, something that had not necessarily been touched upon as much when I first qualified as a medical doctor (in 1990). The course also helped me in many other aspects of my work, from making better diagnoses and treatment choices when someone seeks your help for the first time, to helping patients understand the importance of prevention, a duty that is especially important for a GP. Every doctor should find the time to do this course. Cyprus’ new national health system (the implementation of which is set to begin in 2019 and which is anticipated to be fully operational by 2020) will only work if properly-trained GPs are part of its base.

Thelma Koullourou Lazarides
Thelma Koullourou LazaridesMPH, Class of 2020

The MPH degree is a perfect complement to the career of a person working in the health industry. It provides you with research opportunities and a global health view, it enhances your knowledge in local health practices, and it builds your managerial skills.

The way the programme is structured, being distance learning, allowed me to study after-hours and on weekends at a pace that accommodated my full-time work and family obligations.

Armin Benjamin Bassi
Armin Benjamin BassiMBBS, Class of 2021, Australia

The idea of leaving home to study medicine in a foreign country was daunting at first, but looking back at it now, I consider it one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. From the very beginning of our studies, we are routinely sent on placements to different clinics where we get to interact with  patients. This experience has allowed me to develop key clinical skills from a very early stage of my studies, a privilege that not a lot of other medical programmes offer.

Also, the PBL sessions are an excellent learning tool, where we not only supplement the knowledge we get from the lectures but also apply it to clinical cases, giving us a taste of how to approach real-life medical scenarios. Being able to study for a British medical degree in Cyprus is a wonderful experience. The Island itself is picturesque with fantastic sights to be discovered everywhere. The Medical School has a vibrant social scene with fun events being organised by students, for students. I’ve had the pleasure of being able to meet a diverse group of people from all across the world and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Betsy Susan Yeldhose
Betsy Susan YeldhoseMBBS, Class of 2020, Canada

To fulfil my dream to become a doctor and to earn a British degree, with the opportunity to see real patients starting in the first month of classes, the St George’s, University of London medical programme in Cyprus is an excellent choice.

Our programme is taught by leading doctors in Cyprus who are very kind to students and are experts in their fields. They teach us the principles of medicine and the skills of a doctor. They train us to become competent doctors by exposing us to real patients starting the first month. By taking a history from them, and doing a physical examination, we feel proud and confident as a medical student.

Our practical competencies are further advanced in the second year, by spending time on the wards. After examining a patient, we analyse the case with experienced doctors. The doctors explain the case to us, ask us to formulate a differential diagnosis, suggest investigations to confirm the diagnosis, and devise a management plan for the patient. This encourages us to apply our previously learned knowledge to a real scenario, trains us to consider various aspects when formulating a diagnosis, and emphasises the important principles to be considered in patient management. By doing so, we already start thinking like a doctor.

With the opportunity to study for the first two years in sunny Cyprus and last two years in Chicago, electing to join the St George’s, University of London medical programme in Cyprus is one of the most important and rewarding decisions I have made.

Dr Intisar Alghurabi
Dr Intisar AlghurabiMSc in FM, 2019 cohort

The Master in Family Medicine is a well-taught distance learning programme by recognised academics delivered at a flexible time, something that suits my busy professional life.

In addition, it gives me the ability to choose my own pathway comfortably and at my own pace.  The programme has enhanced my confidence as a doctor and has given me the opportunity to reach my full potential.  It is definitely one of the best decisions I have made so far in my career as a doctor.

Jennifer Yau
Jennifer YauMBBS, Class of 2019, UK

I studied both of my previous degrees in my hometown back in Scotland. With my medical degree I wanted to experience a new place and a new culture. Studying abroad whilst gaining a British qualification was the perfect option for me. I have spent my first two years in Nicosia and my last two in Limassol. Being able to study at the different sites across Cyprus has provided me with fantastic opportunities to learn medicine.

Throughout my studies I have been exposed to specialties in various clinics and hospitals, both in public and private medicine, consistently being taught by consultants at the top of their respective fields.

The fact that this is a young school allows us students to play a key role in the development of the programme. I have held the role of President and Student Welfare and Education Officer within the Medical School Student Society. Our committees have been able to work closely with the administration to develop policies and ensure that our students’ best interests are always kept at heart. We have also been able to cultivate the student life here by introducing Fresher’s week, medical families and the formation of Specialty Interest Societies. The students play a key role in the future of the medical school and programme.

Afreshdeep Sandhu
Afreshdeep SandhuMBBS, Class of 2019, New Zealand

The chance to study medicine is a truly unique opportunity. The prestigious programme St George’s, University of London has to offer coupled with the picturesque country of Cyprus is an opportunity I couldn’t say no to. From the beginning I loved the programme as we are not only taught medicine, but also how to become good doctors. We learnt in a clinical setting from week 1, where we were able to perform examinations, take clinical histories and apply a variety of skills on real or simulated patients. This experience was beyond my expectations.

As University of Nicosia students, we are taught by professors and lecturers who are highly trained medical professionals with a vast range of experience and who are genuinely passionate about what they teach.

I was really nervous about the big move, especially since I have never lived away from home. However, the support available from the student services team made everything very easy and smooth. While studying here, we are able to explore what this beautiful country has to offer, which makes the experience all the sweeter!

Dr Irene Cotter
Dr Irene CotterMSc in FM, Class of 2016

With a comprehensive curriculum in the master’s degree and modern teaching methods and international experts for tutors, this program enables me to become an adaptable and critical thinker and a lifelong reflective learner

Karine De Souza
Karine De SouzaMBBS, Class of 2019, USA

Leaving the United States to attend a medical school halfway across the world in Cyprus was one the scariest and most exciting decisions in my life, and probably one of the best. Learning about international health and healthcare systems outside of the US has always been of interest to me, and this program has afforded me with the opportunity to explore this interest through first-hand clinical experience.

During my first week, I began my near weekly interaction with patients through clinical and community visits. My professors are all clinicians who have trained and worked all over the world. And this program is international in all senses of the word as most of my classmates are from the UK, Canada, Australia, Israel, Lebanon, Italy, United States, and more. We all learn from each other about our home countries and native health systems. With these new friends I’m able to take quick, inexpensive trips anywhere in Europe after exams and on the weekend. Plus, Cyprus is a gorgeous island country and you truly get into the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle living here, which is perfect when so much stress comes from medical school.

Dr Maria Avraamidou
Dr Maria AvraamidouMSc in FM ,Class of 2016, Cyprus

The MSc in FM programme has provided me with knowledge and skills to practice medicine using an evidenced based patient centred approach.

Professional development is an important part of being a doctor. This programme has given me inspiration to reach higher goals as a Family Physician and instilled in me the desire to be a life-long learner.

Carlos Sader
Carlos SaderMBBS, Class of 2019, Lebanon

Joining the St George’s, University of London medical programme in Nicosia hasopened up several doors of opportunity. As a medical school it offers a well developed and intriguing way of delivering medical education to students. We learn theory and actually apply it on the spot, which I find to be one of the best ways to deliver the material; it is essential in allowing us to emphasise what we learn.

Learning alongside physicians from week one and through Problem Based Learning groups is supplemented by the loving and caring environment created by the administrators, instructors and everyone associated with the school. Furthermore, being in Cyprus is an experience in itself. We are offered the unique chance to explore all the wonderful aspects of the island, from beaches to mountains to local treasures. This helps me gather energy through a change of scenery and refocus to move on with my journey as a medical student. Last but definitely not least, this Medical School has increased my understanding of the field and opened up many choices to pursue in a hopefully successful career as a practicing doctor.