What Our Students Say

Karine De Souza
Karine De SouzaMBBS, Class of 2019, USA

Leaving the United States to attend a medical school halfway across the world in Cyprus was one the scariest and most exciting decisions in my life, and probably one of the best. Learning about international health and healthcare systems outside of the US has always been of interest to me, and this program has afforded me with the opportunity to explore this interest through first-hand clinical experience.

During my first week, I began my near weekly interaction with patients through clinical and community visits. My professors are all clinicians who have trained and worked all over the world. And this program is international in all senses of the word as most of my classmates are from the UK, Canada, Australia, Israel, Lebanon, Italy, United States, and more. We all learn from each other about our home countries and native health systems. With these new friends I’m able to take quick, inexpensive trips anywhere in Europe after exams and on the weekend. Plus, Cyprus is a gorgeous island country and you truly get into the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle living here, which is perfect when so much stress comes from medical school. After our first two years we are able to decide if we want to do our last two in Chicago, Tel Aviv, Puerto Rico, or to stay in Cyprus. For me knowing I can go back and get clinical experience in the States was a very appealing offer, especially when it came to matching for a residency

 Athena Michaelides
Athena MichaelidesMD, Class of 2020, South Africa

Having the opportunity to study medicine abroad, specifically in Cyprus, was an opportunity that I could not turn down.

The small scale classes ensure maximum individual attention allowing each one of us to flourish and reach our full potential. This is done under the wings of highly educated, easily approachable faculty, who are always willing to go the extra mile. In addition to this, we get to use state of the art facilities in a friendly and safe environment. This international program broadens horizons as one gets the opportunity to experience a variety of cultures in one classroom. The beautiful surroundings of Cyprus as well as the buzzing student life are bonuses that add to the overall student experience.

Carlos Sader
Carlos SaderMBBS, Class of 2019, Lebanon

Joining the St George’s, University of London medical programme in Nicosia hasopened up several doors of opportunity. As a medical school it offers a well developed and intriguing way of delivering medical education to students. We learn theory and actually apply it on the spot, which I find to be one of the best ways to deliver the material; it is essential in allowing us to emphasise what we learn.

Learning alongside physicians from week one and through Problem Based Learning groups is supplemented by the loving and caring environment created by the administrators, instructors and everyone associated with the school. Furthermore, being in Cyprus is an experience in itself. We are offered the unique chance to explore all the wonderful aspects of the island, from beaches to mountains to local treasures. This helps me gather energy through a change of scenery and refocus to move on with my journey as a medical student. Last but definitely not least, this Medical School has increased my understanding of the field and opened up many choices to pursue in a hopefully successful career as a practicing doctor.

Melina Mahr
Melina MahrMD, Class of 2020, Belgium

Within the first weeks we were already immersed in the world of science, not only by learning a multitude of new diverse topics but also by delving deeper into any previously acquired knowledge from school.

This, coupled with dedicated, caring and helpful faculty members, has facilitated the transition from high school to a university-level standard, maturity and professionalism. Living in multicultural and historical Nicosia has helped optimise this experience through the beautiful Mediterranean weather and delicious food along with its inhabitants’ kindness and helpfulness.

Philip Papadimitriou
Philip PapadimitriouMD, Class of 2020, Greece

Studying medicine at the University of Nicosia is an opportunity to learn the concepts of medical science along with all the clinical skills that a good doctor must obtain.

During our first day, we got to see most of the medical school’s laboratories as well as the state- of- the- art facilities used for clinical training. However, what makes this place so special is not only the high level of education that it provides, but also the amazing student life that is on offer in Cyprus. The spectacular weather, good nightlife, and delicious Mediterranean food all contribute to a great experience.

Afreshdeep Sandhu
Afreshdeep SandhuMBBS, Class of 2019, New Zealand

The chance to study medicine is a truly unique opportunity. The prestigious programme St George’s, University of London has to offer coupled with the picturesque country of Cyprus is an opportunity I couldn’t say no to. From the beginning I loved the programme as we are not only taught medicine, but also how to become good doctors. We learnt in a clinical setting from week 1, where we were able to perform examinations, take clinical histories and apply a variety of skills on real or simulated patients. This experience was beyond my expectations.

As University of Nicosia students, we are taught by professors and lecturers who are highly trained medical professionals with a vast range of experience and who are genuinely passionate about what they teach.

I was really nervous about the big move, especially since I have never lived away from home. However, the support available from the student services team made everything very easy and smooth. While studying here, we are able to explore what this beautiful country has to offer, which makes the experience all the sweeter!

Sjoefn Ragnarsdottir
Sjoefn RagnarsdottirMD, Class of 2021, Iceland

Coming all the way from Iceland, I think it’s wonderful to live in a country where there is almost always sun and good weather. It makes it really easy to wake up in the morning and go to school and it also lightens your mood.

Cyprus is a very relaxed environment. From my first day here the people of Cyprus have been really warm and welcoming. That’s why I felt immediately at home.The MD-6 year programme is extremely organized and has a competitive student body. It is really easy for international students to adapt because we get a lot of support from all the school’s staff as well as students from the second year. One of the biggest pros of the programme is the wide range of nationalities and cultures because students come from all over the world. Here I can experience an adventure, expand my horizons and meet new people from different backgrounds who are driven and strive for the same goal: to help people.

William Verbist
William VerbistMBBS, Class of 2020, Belgium

I came to the St George’s programme in Cyprus because I heard that it offers many opportunities to get clinical practice early during the degree.

This year I have had the chance to learn directly from practicing physicians and to see numerous patients, who have helped me solidify the learning we do in the classroom. Each week we meet to discuss hypothetical patients, and then are given time to study their medical conditions.

The independent study we do is supported with great lectures given by the highly experienced teaching faculty. Afterwards, we continue by practicing our skills and learning how to incorporate the week’s learning into being a good, well-rounded physician.

Alexandra Christina Popa
Alexandra Christina PopaMD, Class of 2021, Cyprus

What I find exciting about this specific programme is that at the end of our course we have opportunities in both Europe and USA.

Having classmates with nationalities spanning from Iceland to South Africa, one can easily see the benefits and how it helps the students grow in different aspects than just academically. The programme, despite being quite new, has already built a good reputation and if the students have any complaints, the staff takes into consideration every detail to help improve the programme in every way possible. Overall, the level is kept very professional, with many facilities (for example, the only medical school in Cyprus with cadavers), but also delightfully friendly.

Ahmet Ozyigit
Ahmet OzyigitMD, Class of 2020, Cyprus

I take pride in being a part of the University of Nicosia medical school community. The opportunities that we have been granted as medical students are innumerable.

The experiences we have been offered in and out of lectures are indescribable. And the people that have stepped into our lives and not only provided us with their knowledge and experiences, but also became friends to us, are simply one of a kind. UNic medical school is my home.

Jacomien Nel
Jacomien NelMD, Class of 2021, South Africa

Warm weather, buzzing cafes and beautiful sunsets, Nicosia welcomed me home on the first day of my arrival in Cyprus.

The international atmosphere that both the city and the University of Nicosia provided me with was one of excitement to learn about new cultures, an integral part of becoming a doctor. With a small cohort of students, within a week everyone had become friends, and the experienced faculty quickly got us settled into our semester subjects. With innovative labs and lively campuses, I can’t wait to see what new experiences the University of Nicosia will bring into my life as a medical student!