ECG Society

Brief Aims and Objectives of the Specialty Society:

  • Establish an “Interesting ECG Case Series” wherein students shall be afforded the opportunity to present noteworthy ECG cases encountered during their clinical rotations via an online platform such as Microsoft Teams. Attendees will be encouraged to provide constructive feedback and contribute insights to the cases presented.
  • Engage in impactful cardiology outreach initiatives through potential collaboration with the Mobile Clinic Club. These initiatives encompass ECG screenings and heart health education sessions, thereby benefitting the community and affording participating students valuable hands-on experience.
  • Aspire to host an event wherein students are provided a platform to present their research, case reports, and audits in the field of cardiology. Collaboration with the Student Research Society may be explored, and the event may be aptly titled the “Student Cardiology Research Conference.”
  • We aim to prepare and present a public talk regarding cardiovascular health topics such as “Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease”.
  • Conduct ECG/cardiology quiz competitions where students will be able to win prizes for ECG trivia.