Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Society

Brief Aims and Objectives of the  Specialty Society:


  • Education and Skill Enhancement: To provide educational opportunities and hands-on workshops that enhance the knowledge and skills of members in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery, with the help of plastic surgeons from various different countries.
  • Professional Development: To facilitate networking and mentorship opportunities with experienced plastic surgeons and professionals in related fields to help members in their career development.
  • Community Outreach: To raise awareness about plastic and reconstructive surgery within the university community and the broader public, while actively engaging in outreach activities that benefit the community.
  • Research Promotion: To promote research and innovation in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery through presentations and collaboration with academic institutions.

Objectives (Event-Specific):

  • Presentations: Organise presentations on the topic of plastic and reconstructive surgery featuring guest speakers, to provide insights into various aspects of the field and focusing on the latest advancements in plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  • Surgical Skills Workshops: Conduct hands-on workshops for members to improve their techniques, such as suturing, wound closure, but with further emphasis on surgical skills required in the reconstructive field, such as microsurgery, fracture fixation, local flaps, etc.
  • Skill Competitions: Organize friendly competitions or challenges related to surgical skills or case presentations to encourage active participation and skill development among members.
  • Membership Growth: Implement strategies to attract and retain members, ensuring the society’s sustainability and impact in the long term.

These aims and objectives should help guide the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Society at UNIC in planning a diverse and impactful series of events throughout the academic year.