09 October 2023

The Medical School’s Mobile Clinic embarked on its inaugural expedition for the academic year at Kyperounda’s Apple Festival on Sunday, 8 October 2023. The festival was organised by Kyperounda’s Community Council and Youth Centre.

Kyperounda is the largest mountain village in Cyprus, situated at the foot of the Papoutsas and Madaris mountains, at an altitude of 1,350 metres. The picturesque village celebrated the 19th Apple Festival over the weekend of 7-8 October, a festival which is considered as Cyprus’s premier local festival. It is worth mentioning that Kyperounda contributes a significant 33% to Cyprus’s apple production.

Student volunteers provided Blood Pressure, Glucose and Body Mass Index measurements to 67 individuals, under the supervision of Dr Danagra Ikossi and Dr Marinos Charalambous.

“We would like to thank you for your positive responce to our invitation to join the 19th Apple Festival in our village and offer free diagnostic tests. The festival draws over 20,00 visitors during the weekend and showcases 40 stations featuring apple products, workshops and a vibrant cultural program with music in the village’s central square. We hope to have you back next year.”

Georgios Panayiotou, the President of Kyperounda Council (right), and Michalis Eleftheriou, the President of Kyperounda’s Youth Centre (left)

“My trip with the Mobile Clinic was an amazing experience. We got first-hand experience with examining patients and practicing the skills we learned over the years.”

Yassin Ellabib, MD Student – Year 4, Libya

“Having the opportunity to attend the Mobile Clinic expedition was an amazing experience. It helped me develop teamwork, communication, and my clinical skills. What I liked best was that it was well-organized, and there was a reciprocal benefit for both the patients and us, as medical students. We got to practise and the patients got free testing to ensure their well-being.”

Wejdaan Al Subhi,  MD Student – Year 2, Oman

“The trip today was very fun, informative and helpful. It was unique as it was my first time conversing and dealing with real patients. I’ve learned a lot from this experience, and would like to thank the UNIC Medical School for this opportunity.”

Mahmoud Younis, MD Student – Year 3, Syria

“‘I gained a lot of experience on how to interact and connect with people. We had a terrific time, and the activity helped me improve both my practical and verbal communication skills.”

Iakovia Papaloizou, GEMD Student – Year 2, Cyprus