20 November 2023

The University of Nicosia Medical School has entered into a collaborative agreement with the Sorbonne University Faculty of Medicine in Paris, France. This partnership paves the way for mutual advancements through student and faculty/staff initiatives.

Key features of this collaboration include:

  • Exchange programmes for medical students to gain diverse clinical and research experiences.
  • Joint research projects, leveraging the expertise of both institutions in areas of mutual interest.
  • Organizing shared events like workshops, seminars, symposia, lectures, and conferences.

Reflecting on the importance of this memorandum, Professor Adonis Ioannides, Dean of the Medical School, said

“This partnership, with one of France’s most esteemed academic institutions, enhances our educational and research capabilities, opens up a wealth of opportunities for our students and faculty, and marks an important step in the expansion of our global educational network”.