06 December 2023

Just like every year, the Mobile Clinic once again participated in the Christmas Fiesta fundraising event, organised by the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society. This event was held on Saturday, 2 December 2023, at the Electricity Authority of Cyprus head office in Nicosia.

This Mobile Clinic expedition served as an Inter-Professional Learning (IPL) activity, bringing together medical and nursing students in a collaborative effort. They performed blood pressure and glucose measurements for people visiting the Christmas bazar.

A team of twenty-four student volunteers carried out over 240 tests on 124 visitors, playing a pivotal role in the success of the event. Their work was supervised by Dr Danagra Ikossi, Dr Monica Nikitara, Ms Savoula Ghobrial, Mr Evangelos Latzourakis, Mr Giannis Polychronis, and Mr Christos Krasidis. This event not only aided in fundraising but also provided invaluable practical experience for the students.

Mobile Clinic

“I’m so glad I participated in this Mobile Clinic expedition. It was an exciting and educational experience, in a beautiful space, filled with people, in a festive atmosphere. I would urge other students to participate in such an activity, because it allows us to come in contact with so many people, and enhance our practice skills.”

Esther Achonwa, Nigeria
Nursing, Class of 2025

“The Mobile Clinic expedition was an eye-opening experience for me. It felt great to give back to the community as a medical student. I highly recommend these expeditions because you’ll be able to practice your communication skills and gain insight into certain challenges faced by physicians. This first-hand experience allows us, as future doctors, to identify areas for improvement, and overcome challenges more effectively.”

Balaji Sudharsun Purushothaman, UK
MD, Class of 2027

“Attending the Christmas Fiesta event was an enlightening experience for me as a medical student. Conducting glucose and blood pressure screening measurements allowed me to actively contribute to the local community health, emphasising the importance of health prevention. I highly recommend this event to fellow medical students, as it not only offers valuable hands-on experience, but also promotes health awareness in a festive setting. One memorable highlight was exploring the lively Christmas market, where the combination of traditional pastries and handmade crafts created a joyful atmosphere.”

Sapir Hana Goldenberg, Israel
GEMD, Class of 2027

“The Mobile Clinic was such a beautiful experience for me, as a nursing student. Working together with students from the Medical School to raise awareness around prevention and health was so amazing! I would highly recommend the Mobile Clinic Expeditions for all students, as I had so much fun and would most definitely do it again.”

Amarachi Kalu, Nigeria
Nursing, Class of 2025