11 December 2023

Six-Year MD student Abdelrahim Elmejrab traveled to Oxford University, where he presented a case study at the 6th International Conference of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) on Heart and Stroke. The poster highlighted a rare case of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism resulting from Hypovitaminosis D in a young patient experiencing a hypertensive crisis with associated organ damage.

Abdelrahim had the opportunity to engage with leading cardiologists and neurologists, who showed a keen interest in his case study. The case undertaken under the mentorship of Prof Joseph Moutiris, involved a 37-year-old male, presenting with a complex set of symptoms. This case underscored the vital role of a multidisciplinary approach in healthcare. The patient’s journey, from initial presentation to management and follow-up, illustrated the importance of a comprehensive initial workup and strategic diagnostic investigations, aligning with the European Society of Cardiology guidelines. It also emphasized the necessity for clinicians to be vigilant for secondary causes of hypertension in younger patients presented with hypertensive emergencies.

Reflecting on his experience, Abdelrahim said, “This presentation was a significant step in my academic development, reflecting the quality education at the University of Nicosia Medical School. This experience has significantly impacted my academic path, reinforcing my commitment to excellence in medical research and patient care. It also reinforced my goal to make a meaningful impact in cardiology, following the thorough and collaborative approach taught at the school.”