23 January 2024

Last Sunday, 21 January 2024, the Medical School, in collaboration with Pantheo Eye Center, embarked on a mission of vision and care. The destination was Doros village, nestled in the mountains of the Limassol district. The mission was to provide comprehensive eye examinations to the villagers, many of whom had limited access to healthcare services.

Leading the eye-clinic expedition were Pantheo Eye Center Ophthalmologists Theodoros Potamitis and Katia Papastavrou, together with ophthalmologist Katerina Lazari and ophthalmologist in training Neophytos Michael. Accompanying them were 18 medical student volunteers, each eager to apply their knowledge and make a meaningful difference in the lives of the village inhabitants.

As the mobile eye clinic settled in the heart of Doros, the team was warmly greeted by Mr Andreas Panagides, the president of the community council. His welcome was not just a formality but a testament to the village’s appreciation and eagerness for the services being offered. The day was bustling with activity as villagers from Doros and its surroundings gathered, and by noon, a total of 38 inhabitants had their eyes examined, their vision stories heard, and their concerns addressed with compassion and professionalism.

“Our trip to Doros with the Mobile Eye Clinic was more than just an expedition offering diagnostic ophthalmology tests. We were welcomed with such warmth and hospitality, that made us feel like truly valuable members of the community. It is remarkable how Mobile Clinic expeditions are productive in so many ways. As a medical student, I was able to put into practice essential communication and clinical skills, under the supervision of excellent specialists; I gained a first-hand experience of the generous Cypriot culture, and the community benefited from the outreach and care we offered. It was a ‘win-win’ for all. I can’t wait to attend to more Mobile Clinic expeditions in the future.”

Arabella Borgstein, Malawi
MBBS, Class of 2025

“The Mobile Clinic expedition to Doros village was a great experience for me. Being able to engage with the local people, and make a positive impact on their well-being, was highly beneficial and fulfilling for me, as a medical student and a future doctor. Everyone was extremely hospitable and friendly. I would highly recommend all medical students to take part in similar expeditions, as they offer valuable hands-on learning experiences, and provide great opportunities to connect with the local community.”

Rojih Kasbar, Syria
MD, Class of 2025

“Joining the Doros Mobile Clinic Expedition was an incredible opportunity. The warm reception from the entire village underscored the importance of our mission to bring healthcare to small villages. Interacting with individuals facing eye problems was particularly poignant, emphasising the significance of vision in our lives. The joy on their faces, as we addressed their concerns, highlighted the profound impact of accessible healthcare. This expedition was more than a medical initiative; it was a journey of compassion and shared humanity. Leaving Doros, I felt fulfilled, knowing that even small gestures can make a lasting difference. I look forward to future opportunities that contribute to the well-being of those in need.”

Joel Keriri, Kenya
MBBS, Class of 2025

“Participating in this Mobile Clinic expedition was an enlightening and deeply fulfilling experience. Beyond applying medical skills, it offered a unique opportunity to connect meaningfully with the community. The warmth and eagerness of the people of Doros village were heartwarming, and making a positive contribution to their health and wellbeing was incredibly rewarding. This experience not only strengthened my commitment to healthcare, but also underscored the significant impact of community service. I highly recommend such opportunities, as they enrich one’s professional and personal growth.”

Ismini Kyriakou, Cyprus
MD, Class of 2025

The villagers, expressed their appreciation in the most heart-warming manner by offering to the volunteer doctors and students with a delightful surprise. Some of the village ladies had prepared a full-blown buffet, an extravagant spread of Cypriot dishes that spoke the language of love and gratitude.