by Michaela Takos, MBBS  P-Year student

28 February 2024

On Sunday, 25 February 2024, the Mobile Clinic had the privilege of travelling to Xylofagou in Larnaca district. Alongside Dr Sotiris Dimosthenous from the UNIC Medical Centre in Ormideia, a dedicated team of twenty medical student volunteers performed blood pressure and blood glucose measurements on a total of thirty-eight patients from the village and surrounding areas.

Driven by a commitment to community health, the volunteers exhibited a commendable level of professionalism and empathy during these health-checks, engaging in meaningful discussions with the patients and providing insight into the significance of these tests. These interactions served as a practical application of the skills acquired in the classroom.

Complementing the clinical activities, the expedition featured an enlightening lecture given by Clinical Associate Professor Stelia Ioannidou-Kadi, titled ‘Diabetes Mellitus: The three sides of the same coin’. The expedition to Xylofagou aimed to not only provide free health check-ups to members of the community, but to also impart crucial knowledge on such an important topic.

This initiative reflects our unwavering commitment to fostering health awareness and well-being in underserved areas, marking a milestone in our ongoing efforts to make a positive impact on public health.

“The Mobile Clinic’s expedition was a unique and rich experience that I recommend to every medical student. Not only did it further our clinical knowledge, but it also offered us an incredible opportunity to connect with the community.”

Daniel Christian Edwin George, South Africa
MD, Class of 2027

“Once again, the mobile clinic delivered beneficial and convenient clinical tests to a rural village of Cyprus. The unique experience is extremely beneficial to medical students as well as the community, and I am proud to be part of such a philanthropic event.”

Eleanor Arati Roy, UK
GEMD, Class of 2027