March 2024

Over the past year, UNIC Health has unveiled four promotional clips, each providing a window into the diverse and impactful initiatives we are proud to support.

We invite you to watch and share these stories to inspire others.

The graduate-entry Doctor of Medicine programme video takes viewers through the accelerated path we offer for those aiming to transition into medical careers, focusing on the curriculum’s structure and goals.

Our Doctor of Veterinary Medicine clip introduces the comprehensive training our future veterinarians receive, preparing them to make significant contributions to animal health and welfare.

The journey of our mobile clinic expeditions is captured in a third video, highlighting our commitment to bringing healthcare to underserved communities, showcasing the tangible benefits of this outreach.

We celebrate the success of a Medical School alumnus, now making a difference at the Rural Medicine Centre in Ormideia, symbolizing the real-world impact of our education.