March 2024

A plethora of scientific events are taking place this academic year at UNIC Health, designed to enhance engagement and collaboration within its scientific community and student population. Featuring three series – ‘Inaugural Lectures’, ‘Introductory Lectures’, and ‘Research at Noon’ – UNIC Health supports engagement and collaboration across the Medical School, the School of Veterinary Medicine, the School of Life and Health Sciences, and the Medical Centre. These events, tailored to both the UNIC community and the general public, offer a blend of in-person and online formats to maximize participation and interaction among attendees.

The Introductory Lecture series provides a unique opportunity for newly appointed faculty members to present themselves and discuss their research interests with colleagues and students. This initiative is particularly beneficial for the UNIC community to stay abreast of the latest developments in medical science, facilitating networking opportunities with new faculty, and exploring avenues for future research collaborations.

Further enhancing the academic environment, the Medical School’s Inaugural Lecture series is an annual tradition celebrated by medical schools worldwide. This series invites newly appointed professors to share their research endeavours with a diverse audience, including UNIC faculty, staff, medical students, and the broader scientific community, as well as family, friends, and associates.

Research at Noon is a biweekly event introduced in Fall of 2023. It is designed to strengthen the network among faculty and researchers by encouraging interdisciplinary research. Scheduled between 12:00 to 13:00 on Wednesdays, each session features a 20-minute presentation, followed by a discussion period, allowing participants to share their ongoing or recently completed work, exchange ideas for future research, and strategize on national/international funding applications.